Wytek vous donne RDV au salon IRPA'14


The European IRPA Associate Societies mandated the German-Swiss Radiation Protection Association (FS) to prepare and host the 4th European IRPA Congress in 2014. In cooperation with the Association Romande de Radioprotection (ARRAD), our French speaking colleagues in Switzerland, Geneva was chosen as host city for this major event. The choice of the venue was driven by the intention to involve international organizations with a strong link to radiation protection such as ILO and WHO.

«Radiation protection culture – a global challenge» was chosen as the general theme of the Congress in order to support the IRPA initiative fostering improvements of RP Culture globally. In addition to offering a forum for the scientific exchange it is our intention to enable a dialogue on important cultural elements such as values, beliefs, competencies and recommended practices.

We hope to contribute to the success of this cultural approach, and to provide guidance to equip radiation protection professionals  to promote a successful RP culture in their organisation and workplace.